Infinity Mode

Greetings, Challengers! Sadly, Sony are discontinuing their online high score system, so I had to remove it from VitaBounce!. As consolation, I added a new infinity mode, where you can play for hours and hours without worrying about dying, questioning what you did with your life, and living never stopping to slow down and pause or take a breath, etc. etc.. The update should be coming out over the PSN store (or is it the SEN store in this modern era?) in a few days.

High Scores, Ireland and New Zealand

How do, VitaBouncers! I'm pleased to announce a new, exciting version of VitaBounce! is about to be released on the PSM store (as of 13/12/2013)! You may well ask why this is, and I will tell you: online high scores! If you've ever wished to be the best, like nobody ever was, at a game, now you can be! Since it's unlikely anybody else will be playing it, it is entirely likely that you will be able to top the leaderboard, unlike those games which everybody plays.

So challenge yourself: it is the only way!

Also it's being released in new territories, namely Ireland and New Zealand. If you'd like VitaBounce in your own territory that is supported by PSMobile but it isn't currently released for, then it's because I need a description in the language of that country. Feel free to send a translated description of VitaBounce through, though nothing rude as I know literally loads of swears in each language, and I may be able to release it to your country too!

It's out y'all!

Sony have now finally released VitaBounce! (don't shout it, it's merely a factorial sign) on PS Mobile. Go download it for your PS Vita or PS Mobile enabled mobile telephones right away, for it will enrich your life.

Some quotes I found on the Twettir:
"I just played VitaBounce. My brain quite genuinely melted. I have a belter of a review planned for this one."
"Just played vitabounce for the first time since last night. Thought it was a crazy fever dream. HOW IS THIS A REAL FUGGING GAME?!"
"Hahaha VitaBounce is the weirdest thing ever."
"This is what God sounds like."

VitaBounce! is About to be Released

Well, since the game requires a website by the holy law of Sony, I thought I'd shove one together super fast. It'll still be radbeans though. Presumably that's why you're here, or perhaps you're some sort of bizarre internet trawler. Regardless, welcome to the website of the most fantastical of the set of all games!

I hope you love Bounce in all its incarnations. In time I plan to put up the old, less rad PC version on here for free, as well as the new shiny soundtrack, sang by my super fly self.

As well as a titillating new soundtrack, the new version for PS Mobile devices including Android phones and PS Vita contains a redone physics engine, touch controls, a whole new 80 level challenge mode, enhanced, more photorealistic graphics (many of which may be made out of my clothes) and the ability to take it anywhere, thus keeping Bounce! in your heart and soul at all times forever and ever.

So play it, and may it make you as insane as it has made me.